Diffused light lines without visible spots

Flexible and cuttable module to support design freedom

Long operational lengh per single power feed possible(up to5-10m)

Idel for luminaire designs

Extra strong steel clip for easy dimensioning

Recommended in system use with MEAN WELL

Increased reliability due to single piece reel-to-reel technology


Item No.                                      Color           CCT          Lumen/m     Max.Power/m         LED Type             LED Qty/m   

TS-LN-2835W-24-120-5M             W             6000K         495LM              9.6W              2835 SMD LED         120PCS

TS-LN-2835WW-24-120-5M         WW          3000K         420LM              9.6W              2835 SMD LED         120PCS

TS-LN-2835NW-24-120-5M          NW           4500K         460LM              9.6W              2835 SMD LED         120PCS

TS-LN-2835R-24-120-5M               R         620/630NM     320LM              9.6W              2835 SMD LED         120PCS

TS-LN-2835B-24-120-5M                B         463/475NM     60LM                9.6W             2835 SMD LED          120PCS

TS-LN-2835G-24-120-5M                G         520-525NM    290LM              9.6W             2835 SMD LED           120PCS

TS-LN-2835RGB-24-120-5M        RGB              /                   /                    12W              5050 SMD LED            60PCS

CRI      Min Cutable Lengh(mm)    Beam Angle    Operating Temperature    Storage Temperature     Estimated Life      IP    Input Votage

>80                  100                              120°                 - 25°C~+45°C                     -30°C~+80°C              50,000hrs        65        DC24V


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